Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goodbye St. Johns

Lovely Jelly Bean houses in St. Johns
In about 15 mins. the taxi will pick me up to take me away from here...:( I love this little city - wish I had more time to explore. Oh well Cape St Mary's was well worth losing a day here and I can always come back. This morning turned out to be lovely so I had breakfast at a cafe on the water - baked beans and toutons with molasses. . Typical Newfie breakfast - it was good. Then I did a bit of retail therapy - found another pair of earrings similar (they are all unique) to the ones I bought last time and promptly misplaced one (my favourite trick) plus some hand made wooden coasters (am obsessed with coasters) and some Screech (dark Jamaican rum specially brewed as Screech) coffee beans!! Oh and some partridgeberry & Baked apple tea. I like things I can use - and also can fit into my backpack. Oh it's a tight squeeze!!! Once I get back to my suitcase in Halifax I will be fine.

Anyway I walked up the hill a bit to the cathedral and saw the fella from yesterday. Heard someone yelling "Laurie" which being as I don't know anyone in St. Johns had my head swivel a bit - it was nice to see him again. Wish I had more time here - if I had been thinking I would have tried to book a flight right to Sydney tomorrow...but this was a spur of the moment thing to use airmiles as they wouldn't let me put them back. Long story............

Who knows when I will have access to a computer again...hope to do laundry tonight but we shall see....

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