Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wild with the birds

It was a beautiful day. We headed out for Cape St. Mary's with a stop at Placentia on the way. The weather was beautiful - chilly but blue sky and sunny. We walked about a km to where the birds were nesting. It was spectacular. Blue blue sky - turquoise ocean and birds flying all over the place. I can't even begin to put into words what it was like. The photos and video can't even come close to describing it. Fantastic isn't a strong enough word! We (the other fellow on the trip who was from Toronto and me) stayed there about half an hour just drinking it all in. I will never go back there as it could never be that perfect again. There were about three different kinds of sea birds but the gammets were the prevalent ones. And all for $50!! It had to be hush hush as the other guy paid $110!!! And he said to me wow this is a good deal for the price and I said..'YEAH'!!! :) I felt kind of guilty but not too guilty - guess I got the discount for staying in one of the tour company's hostels... Afterwards we had cod chowder soup at a local restaurant which was fantastic and then back to St. Johns about 4:30. I got dropped at the Geo centre at 4:45 only to discover the place closed at 5 - the guide thought it was 9. Oh well he had long gone so I walked down the hill and along the Battery to get some photographs. I started along the Signal Hill trail but I hate heights and it got too much for me so stopped at about the same place I did last time!! Then went for a really nice dinner...okay Dena this for you....fillet of cod with brown sugar glaze baked in a lemon dill sauce with baby roast potatoes, steamed green beans, blackened red pepper & a grilled piece of pineapple. And a glass of chardonay. It was so yummy...I took a photo as you can see. One of those meals you'd just like to eat over and over again...sigh....I do love my food...and it shows unfortunately. Stopped off at my fave coffee shop here for a peppermint chai latte then weaved my way back here. Between staggering up the huge hill and the big glass of wine I covered a lot of the sidewalk. :)
Tried to check into my flight tomorrow on line but it won't let me. Funny as it woudln't let me do it at the airport either - wonder if it's because of the air miles thing and changing it from a Vancouver flight....anyway I head off at 1:50 tomorrow and back into Halifax by 3.
Tomorrow it's rain apparently - if not I will walk around and maybe go further up the hill (gasp!) otherwise will have a leisurely Newfie breakfast somewhere and try and find another pair of my jellybean house earrings. (I lost one of them) And some partridge berry tea leaves if I can. It's been a great mini trip to Newfoundland.


Dena said...

Oh yah! I can taste it!

Keep up the good work, and fyi, I love a good breakfast. Can't wait for the photos.

ps You should try cod tongue while you are out there and maybe some molasses raisin bread.

Laurie said...

I had a chance to try cod tongue but resisted!!!

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