Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend recap

Didn't get internet access until I got back to Vancouver but the weekend in Whistler was great. We did some beautiful walks. Despite the dire weather predictions the weather turned out really well - it just kept getting better and better. We did a walk to three lakes (11 km) on the Friday which was pretty despite overcast and a few showers- we stopped and had coffee at a lovely lodge on the lake. Sat outside and relaxed. I had a meeting in the afternoon. That evening we had a dessert buffet in the hotel's restaurant (Elephant & Castle). My hotel room was lovely.
Saturday we did a walk around Lost Lake - I walked 7 km. It was a better day and the lake looked beautiful. I then went on a 5 km walk around the village with a walker from Alberta and that was enjoyable as well. Whistler is pretty but definitely a tourist trap. It was nice to see the tops of the mountains at last which of course surround Whistler. That afternoon was the AGM. That evening we all walked over to the golf club (of course...being walkers) with a stop at the Inukshuk to have a group photo taken. (I had my photo taken the previous day in front of it - showing my opinion of the Olympics....) We had a hamburger bbq at the golf club. I left a bit early and walked around the town on my own so many people in such a small space was getting to me. That droan of people talking really gets to me.
Sunday morning we walked around the golf course and some further - I did 6 km. It was very pretty and a gorgeous sunny day. Some lucky people saw a bear on the golf course but it was gone by the time we went by. I had a quick shop getting myself a t-shirt and a sandwich and quickly ate it before heading off to two meetings. We got the 1:30 bus to Vancouver - the trip down the Sea to Sky highway was beautiful.
Took the skytrain then the bus and arrived at UBC. More to follow.

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