Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another item on the bucket list done

I went on a seaplane today - have been wanting to go on one for years so decided to go for it. It was called the mail run but really no mail - just cargo sometimes but none this time. Just passengers - we landed in Ganges, Salt Spring Island and then Maple Bay on Vancouver Island. Wow wow wow. Loved it. Will be doing it again. It cost a fortune but so worth it. I think next time I do Vancouver/Victoria I will be doing the seaplane in between!!! It was very smooth and such a thrill. Absolutely loved it.

I had a light breakfast in case I got sick but I was fine. I didn't get much walking in today - decided to take a day off as my cold is steadily getting worse (they took my backpack off me on the plane and stored it so luckily had my cameras out but no kleenex!!!! Not good!).

I started off the day at Wreck beach - the clothing optional beach here at UBC. The path is right behind my dorm - it was a long staircase up and down but it was wonderful. I was the only one on the beach for most of the time. And no I didn't strip off - would not inflict that on anybody! It was a gorgeous beach. Well worth the climb - got back up (it was not pretty but I did it) and lo and behold the little shuttle bus was coming. So off I headed downtown for a coffee and pastry and then lurked around Canada Place and area until my seaplane journey.

After the flight I went to Bath and Body works and got some stuff - there goes my light suitcase...but anyway am happy. I got the bus out of downtown as there is a stupid hockey game on tonight and of course the Canucks are playing and it will be NUTS. Being as I loathe, despise and abhor hockey I did not want to be around. (hope whoever wins tonight - and I don't give a rat's who does - wins four in a row and the damn hockey season will be over with - it lasts way way too long...all about money which is all sports is money money...) Yeah I am a crab - so sue me.

Stopped in Kitsalano and had an early supper at The Naam restaurant which is a veggie restaurant. The food was wonderful - I had a spinach and feta enchilada with a HUGE salad - (yes I took pictures Dena) but the service was terrible. I then walked over to the ocean and sat on a rock and ate some chocolate - okay chocolate, mountains, ocean ...does it get any better...I then walked along to Kitsalano beach and sat there for a bit.

Then walked up to the main road and popped into a wonderful grocery store and got some cheese, juice and water for tomorrow. Then back here on the bus.

The day was pretty good weather wise - it rained a bit on the plane when we were at the islands but here it was cloudy with sunny breaks.

Tomorrow another walk starting with a good brekky at the Sunshine Cafe - with a name like that it has to be good!

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