Friday, October 26, 2012

A shopoholic hits the shops - NOT

Well this morning I had a later start being as I was tired and could not decide what I wanted to do.   All I knew was that I wanted to have breakfast out and beyond that...In the end I went to the Burgundy Restaurant which is about six blocks away and had french toast with bacon and sausage.  Yum.  From there I took the bus down to the HIP which stands for the Harlem-Irving Plaza.  Yes I went shopping.  I had hopes of getting a new cardigan or hoody but nothing jumped out and said buy me.  At first I saw a lot of things I wanted but then realized are you really worth dragging home.  There was a Bath and Body Works which was a total surprise and can you believe I walked in and walked out empty handed.  Only because I know I will be going to one in St. Louis and then again in Vancouver.  I checked out all the new scents so I can swoop in and get what I want when the time is right.  I don't want to be dragging that stuff around with me for the next two weeks. (and yippee next Spring there will be one in Regina so I can buy to my heart's content!!!)  So I came back with an 8 gig memory stick and that was it.  

Casper went totally ballistic when I came home - the whole neighbourhood must have heard him. 

Don't think he is too impressed with me right now as my suitcase is on the bed as tonight is laundry night and getting my things (and the rest of the house!) in order.  My petsitting duties officially end tomorrow afternoon when Casper's mommy comes home. Then Sunday night I am on the road again.  NOT looking forward to the overnight trip but it can't be helped.  The choice was that or stay in Indianapolis and catch a 5 a.m. bus - don't even want to think what time I would have to get up....Frankfort, Kentucky has limited transportation options so I want to go there while public transit is still an option....

I have been playing around with programming my DVTR online - man I love that feature.  I had never activated it until this trip and boy do I love it especially with all the figure skating going on.

So not the most exciting day of the trip but that's okay - I needed a rest day.  Still two weeks and three days to go!!! 

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. 

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