Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello Columbus!!

Well here I am in the capital of Ohio  I am staying at another airbnb - in a delightful old house with two cats named Jack and Domino who are friendly, their slave Tabitha and her boyfriend who I haven't met yet. 

I have my own room here - not just the living room so more room to spread out.  I can also use Tabitha's washer and dryer so I will be doing laundry tomorrow night or Sunday morning.  Tabitha is a graduate student at the university - originally from southern California. 

Megabus arrived 40 minutes late but was comfortable - sat on the upper deck which was fun.  Just as I was wondering how I was going to manipulate the stairs to the loo we pulled into a MacDonalds for twenty minutes.  Yay!!!  I got off at the university and was able to get a free campus bus which stopped just one block from here.  Free works for me!!!  I just have to find out if I can get the Megabus from the university as my ticket says downtown.  This was Ohio State university - HUGE!!!! 

This morning I said farewell to Chris and Carolina and got the bus downtown with my luggage.  Always fun but now that I am an old lady some kind youngster always gives me a seat.  :)  I went to the Indiana History Museum which was pretty good.  The guide at the beginning was a real history buff and was telling me all sorts of things, asking me about history in Canada and even double checked the location to get on the Megabus!  He was really interesting to talk to and you could tell was very proud of his state.   I enjoyed the live actors the best - there were two rooms you walked in to.  The first one was a factory that shipped the Polio vaccine and it was set up in the 1940's or whenver and the actors talked to you like it was then.  Although not much interacting there.  The next one was better - a police station during prohibition!!!  I talked to the cop, a lady in the slammer for bootlegging, a prohibitionist.  It was fun. Although I think that is the sort of thing best done with someone else. The best part was the Cole Porter lounge. (a Hoosier)   You walked in and there sat a young man at a piano.  As I was the only one I got to look at a menu that had songs and I chose 'True Love' from 'High Society' which I have always loved.  Well he programmed the music and then stood up and sang the words - to me, just me.  :)  It was lovely. 

I am glad I had the time to explore the musuem as that was "on the list".  Then I walked over to the city market and grabbed a muffaleta sandwich and went to wait for the bus.  As I mentioned it was 40 minutes late so I was able to eat as much of the sandwich as I could. 

I am staying in tonight as am a bit tired - Tabitha made tea so I had  thatand will have the other half of a cookie and that's my supper.  If I get hungry later on I have energy bars.  I just don't feel like going out and having a meal - not that hungry and don't want the agro.  Tabitha has a list of good restaurants though so I will definitely try some.  I have two full days here - yippee!!! 

Tomorrow it's a walk in the German Village and exploring the state capital building - if I can get in on a Saturday.  There is the international festival here as well.  I decided I won't do the race but I will definitely go to the festival.  So a busy day ahead!!!! 

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