Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One more sleep!

In less than twelve hours I will be boarding a flight to Vancouver to begin my newest adventure.   The butterflies are fluttering that is for sure.  I am trying to think of the 20 hour flying time (not including stopovers and time change)  as all part of the adventure but deep down I am really dreading it.  I guess that's how I know I am getting older as twenty years ago I didn't feel this way.  Or I don't think I did...hmmm...I should dig out my travel journal from my last trip to SE Asia in 1990 and see how I really felt.  I already checked out Air Canada's entertainment choices....the less said about it the better.  Luckily I've got lots of books loaded on my ereader!   I am expecting the worst - the idiot in front of me with their seatback so far back they are laying in my lap, kids screaming nonstop and delays.  Hey if you expect the worst and it doesn't happen it makes a pleasant surprise.  I do hope my luggage makes it.  Oh dear, I AM getting old.

I can't wait to revisit Singapore - a firm favourite of mine.  I can't believe it's been 22 years!  Of course Cambodia is the highlight - I have read so much about it and I know I will have mixed emotions of sadness at their violent history and the pain their citizens went through and the excitement of discovering a new country,trying out new food (yes Dena, that means pictures)  and meeting the friendly (so I've been told) people. 

This blog will probably not have much action in the next couple of days but hopefully I will have lots to share this weekend.  Stayed tuned!!

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