Monday, February 11, 2013

Falling in love (again) with Singapore

Well this morning I woke up feeling MUCH better - in fact like a whole new woman.  What a relief as I went to bed last night feeling absolutely dreadful. 

I had a good breakfast that set me up for the day and off I went.  Today I erred on the side of caution and left my Nikon DSLR in the room.  I lived to regret it but oh take these photos as they are...from a crap (and I mean crap) point and shoot camera. 

It started off cloudy and gloomy but gradually as the morning went on the sun peeped through and it turned out to be a lovely day. 

I spent most of the day by the river  and in the Colonial Area, by the Quays - went to see the Merlion again and did a river cruise which was really nice.  Was in the bar by 11:30 - but it was a very special bar!!!  My dogs are barking tonight - I did a fair bit of walking today but I did pace myself as well and sit down a lot.  Let my pictures tell the story!!! 

Sir Thomas Raffles, the founder of modern Singapore.  Wonder what he would make of it now?

Merlion - half lion, half fish - the symbol of Singapore.  They moved it since the last time I was here!

Marina Bay Sands - think it's one of those you love it or hate it things - I like it.

Think this is a science centre

Then I took the metro to Chinatown and had my chicken and rice. 

Buddhist Temple

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