Saturday, February 2, 2013

Laziest day of my life

I just spent what could be the laziest day of my life - aside from sick days.  Let's see breakfast at 7:15, sat on the sofa on my balcony reading and computer stuff until noon - lunch!!!  Then a dip in the pool followed by sitting on a deck chair.  It had turned cloudy at that point.  Then changed and went for a short walk to the sailing club and back - oh I stopped at the Masada resort next door and had a mango sorbet. (yum) Mental note to self:  do not walk in the mid afternoon.  I was soaked!!!  Then back here to read some more. 

I was going to grab a beer from my mini bar to watch the sunset but due to the cloud cover it isn't much of one.  Bummer. 

In about 30 minutes I shall go for dinner and then more reading!!! 

It's been great!!!!  Just what I needed. 

Tomorrow morning after breakfast I will go for a walk - just not sure where yet.  Stay tuned!!!  Then pool time after lunch once again. 

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