Saturday, February 23, 2013

Riding the rails in Battambang

While in Battambang we rode the rails on a "norry" or bamboo train.  The flatbed carriages are a popular tourist attraction in the area.  They have a steel frame overlaid with bamboo slats resting on wheels taken from abandoned tanks from the civil war.  A rug is put over the slats for better comfort for tourist behinds!  The carriages are powered by small motorcycle or tractor engines and can reach a speed of about 50 km an hour.  No train service in Cambodia right now thanks to the Khmer Rouge and the civil war which destroyed most of the network  - however the Australian government is going to help rebuild the train network.  This will be for freight only but will definitely be beneficial for the whole country. 

What can I was great fun!   I will let the pictures do the talking for me. 

Setting off on our ride!

We went as far as a bridge, watched the sunset and headed back.

We had a break on the bridge - union rules for the drivers?? :)

Flipping the carriages.  Rules are when you meet another carriage the one with the least people on it has to be taken off.  This was the turnaround point so the carriages were being taken off and put back on the opposite way to go back.

click the arrow button and go for a ride!!! 

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