Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sleepy Kep

I am staying at Kep Lodge which is in...Kep!!!  It is pronounced "Kite'.  Although all of us non Khmer speaking people pronounce it the way it is spelled!!!

Kep is a sleepy little backwater with no distinct downtown.  However it's sleepiness is what makes it appealing for so many people.  I have talked to many ex-pats here who come here regularly to get out of the madness of Phnom Penh when they have time off.  Up until the early 60's it used to be THE place in Cambodia for the rich to party.  However that soon changed when the Khmer Rouge took over..

This morning I walked down to the main road and got a tuk tuk to Kep Beach.  Kep Beach really isn'\t up to much - in fact while it is pretty to look at I have heard it's not that clean.  Anyway I had wanted to walk the promenade since I saw it when we drove past while in Kampot.  So that I did.

Kep Beach

I love this!!! Kep is known for it's crabs - pepper crab is still something I need to try. 

An older part of the promenade.

An amusing sculpture in town.

I ran into my "motorcycle" guy and he told me about this seafood market.  Rows and rows of these balconies that you lounge on and are cooked seafood.  Having seen the kids take apart some squid I think I will pass...

I took a picture of this family and then they wanted me in the picture so asked the male of the household to take one on my camera as well. 
I looked in a few shops but nothing much on offer so I decided to go to the Veranda resort for lunch.  Well to make a long story short I ended up going on the 8 km trail around Kep national park.  It was beautiful and being in the tuk tuk I got a lovely breeze. Much easier than walking it in the heat.  I did feel a bit guilty chugging past the few walkers on the trail as well. 

View from the top

Another view

Derelict mansion.  These were destroyed AFTER the Khmer Rouge  - the residents were angry and took their anger out on the homes. (which were empty) 
I then went back to the Veranda Resort for lunch.  The view was lovely and the meal was good but the service was poor.  I was glad to come back here!!! 

I am pleased I was able to do two things on my list today.  It means tomorrow will be another relaxing day with perhaps lunch at the Crab market.  I hope to go to Rabbit Island on Tuesday. 

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