Monday, March 4, 2013

The food of Singapore and Cambodia

 As we all know I do love my food.  One of the great joys of traveling is trying different kinds of food.  I love it!! (and no, I didn't take a picture of EVERY meal...just the unique ones) Food in Cambodia was especially pleasing to the palate.  The meals I had there ranged from cheap ($3.50 to $5) to perhaps $7.50 if you were in a posh place.  The quality was always good.  Singapore as well is known as a foodie's paradise although I wasn't able to indulge as much as I had wanted to due to a tummy bug. 

Here is a sampling of the food and drink I had in Cambodia and Singapore...pardon me if a couple are repeats from another blog post. (or two)

Enjoy and don't get too hungry.  Oh heck - go ahead and eat what you love...  Life is too short not to!!!

This was a very yummy drink - please excuse the wrong date on this.  I had my camera for about half an hour at that point and did not realize it had that date on - sadly most of my Chinatown pictures look like this!!

Chicken, cashews, etc. in Chinatown

Hainanese chicken rice - Maxwell Food Centre - Singapore   Delicately flavoured - delicious.

chicken and cashews in a lotus leaf - now we're in Cambodia!

Opened up!  Delicious

Dragonfruit shake...oh how I miss the fruit shakes....

Kampot pepper crab

Lemonpepper soup - it was Thyda's but she let us taste it.  Very nice.

Crab pasta - yum!! 

Kampot pepper shrimp with rice.

Lychee drink - this became a favourite of mine

Spring rolls!

House fried rice with an egg on top - a Cambodian favourite.  Simple but good!!

Sticky rice in bamboo....are you hungry yet? 

Straight from the coconut - oh I miss this too!

Fish and chips - Khmer style.  Just okay.

Khmer vegetable curry (I had this a lot) - in a coconut. (this part was unusual)

Ta da!!!  It was yummy. 

Cambodia beer, I really really like you.  Angkor, you too.

I opted for a refreshing fruit bowl one morning.

Fish amok ravioli and mango shake at the Blue Pumpkin....

Lok lak - beef in a delightful creamy sauce on top of tomatoes and cucumbers.  Similar to beef stroganoff.  Delish!

Veggie amok 

Chicken and veggies

Pho soup - sorry it is turned right in my computer but will not behave itself in this blog.  I had this for breakfast one morning. Delish!!!

A plate of this fruit was always offered as part of breakfast at Kep Lodge.

Deep fried bananas...yum!!! 
Popular Singapore breakfast - toast with Kaya jam - a spread of eggs, sugar and coconut milk.  Delish!

Vegetable Biryani - Little India, Singapore - hot hot hot!!! But good.

Crab pizza!  A lazy supper at the V Hotel in Singapore.
Singapore Sling at the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel (where it was "invented"), Singapore.  Expensive but worth it!   

Just so you don't get too hungry and overeat.....

Deep fried tarantulas - I tried to eat a leg and spit it out.  Gross!!! 

I was told these were crickets but they look like grasshoppers to me (which they eat also) - I did manage a burnt salty potato chip.  But never again!!!! 

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