A weekend in Canada's capital

Well I have been very tardy in doing this report - I was in Ottawa two weeks ago and I am finally sitting down to do a blog post on it.

Of course the highlight was seeing Paul but it was fun to see my friends and see Ottawa again.  Rather than yacking about it I will tell you about it in pictures...

Cuddling with Sr John A. MacDonald  (Canada's first Prime Minister) at the airport. 

Some of the flowers in my friend Dorri''s fabulous garden...it has to be seen to be believed!!

Due to the heat and humidity we didn't do as much walking as I had wanted to but we did do three 5 km walks.  One to the liquor store to get some wine coolers!! :)  We did a group walk organized by the local Volkssport group which was in a residential area in the south end of the city.  After the walk we headed downtown and had lunch at The Works - a gourmet hamburger joint.  Yum!!  I'd show you the burger but I didn't take a picture.  You could even get a peanut butter hamburger - I resisted.  We then went to the Museum of Nature.  I had wanted to see the Wildlife photos that were on display and while they were beautiful there weren't too many.  I was really impressed by all the "rocks"  - oops mainly quartz as I was told by a geologist friend of mine.  Aren't they beautiful?


I then had to pose with the mammoth outside!!!

The next evening was the reason I had flown to Ottawa - the Macca Man!!  Okay, okay I know I am seeing him in Regina but a gal always has to have a backup plan.

Me after picking up my ticket at the box office - do I look happy? 

I was in the fifth row (thanks Pat!) so was thrilled to bits.

Do I look even happier?


An 81 year old woman who was brought up on stage for a hug (and kiss) from Paul.  She said it was her dream come true!!!!   Paul is so good to his fans...

 Crap photos...I am hoping for better ones in Regina...my new Panasonic is good for outdoors but not for low light.   If not oh well...I enjoy the show and there are lots of photos floating around the internet.  It was a very enjoyable evening and I got to see my buds Pat and Vickie.  I am never happier than when I am at a Paul concert.   Some people get so bent out of shape because I see so many concerts - like it is any of their damn business.  I love being 61 and bopping at Paul concerts. (or any one come to think of it)  Who wants to "grow up"?  Not me! 

The next morning my friend Donna and I went downtown for a 5 km walk to see all the tourist sights that I have seen before...but I had to see the Houses of Parliament again as well as a few favourite places.  What is the point of going to Ottawa otherwise...I could be in any suburb in Canada...

Rideau canal

Now Ottawa has this lame locks on a bridge idea...give me strength...combinations? 

National War Memorial

National War Memorial with Chateau Laurier in background

Oh yeah!

The Peace Tower

View from behind the Parliament Bldgs - this is the library.  I've been inside - fabulous!

Maman with the basilica in the background.

One must have a Beaver Tail when in Ottawa
Sunshine and Ben off to doggie class

On my way home - I got upgraded to Executive class.  I loved it!!!! 
All in all a great trip to Ottawa.  Thanks to my friends Donna and Dorri for hosting me and to Dorri for driving me to get my ticket, driving us to the concert, etc.