75 mile walkies

 Two more sleeps as of this writing until the next big adventure starts.  Off to Glasgow via Icelandic Air on Wednesday where I will spend a couple of days before meeting the gang at Glasgow railway station next Sunday and heading north to Fort William where the walk begins Tuesday the 10th.     Lots of training has been done over the last few months but now we are facing the reality of walking 75 miles in six days on the Great Glen Way.   Our bed and breakfasts are booked and our luggage will be picked up each day and delivered to the next bed and breakfast.  So we just have to haul ourselves and a day pack up and down over those 75 miles between Fort William and Inverness.  They break us in gently the first day I believe with a flat section by the Caledonian Canal.  More adventures await once the walk is over but right now I am focusing on this.  It is going to be a challenge but I am determined to do it and end up in one piece with a smile on my face.  There will be lots of laughs and fun along the way with the other four crazies I am going with.  I plan to take it slow and easy and enjoy every minute - taking lots of photographs along the way.  Hoping to run into some Highland "coos". 

Here is a sample of what we will see:

Blue sky would be nice but it's Scotland....

Stay tuned - next post should be from Glasgow on Thursday hopefully! 


Lorraine Martin said…
You go girl. How better can that get? What else is possible?
Laurie said…
Thanks Lorraine - I am so excited and I am sure we will have lots of fun along the way. Walking a long distance path from beginning to end has long been a dream of mine.