Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday in the East End

This morning I headed off to Brick Lane to visit the markets and see some street art.  And that I did.  I ended up having to take the bus as the line I needed to use was having severe delays due to signal failures...sigh...

Anyway the markets did not come through for me - I had wanted to buy myself a new pair of earrings but could not find anything I liked.  I was also open to buying a couple of things as gifts but nothing showed up.  My "momo" couple were not at the market - one of the reasons I I didn't even eat!  I visited the Sunday market in Brick Lane as well as the Spitalfields market.  I then hopped a bus and got off at a place where I had seen a lot of street art. 

There was a gallery having a "family day" so popped in.  Kind of different to put it mildly but it was put on for charity and the young artists were very enthusiastic.  I had to wear a name badge "Lovely Laurie".  One of the young fellows asked me what my favourite music was and soon the Beatles were playing.  I also had some juice and a cupcake as it was for charity.

Off I went but soon was desparately needing a toilet and had to run into a pub and promise to buy a drink as I was flying down the stairs.  Not sure if it was the juice or what but man oh man....that was close!  I had a lemonade (like 7 up in North America) and had to fly downstairs again later but it did settle down.

I then started heading back on the bus via Tottenham Court Road - I then horror of horrors ended up on Oxford St. on a Sunday...eek.  Funny as I used to love walking down Oxford St but now I hate it...the crowds are crazy.  Maybe they were back then too..but it didn't bother me.  Like visiting HMV and trying to escape the horrid music as soon as possible whereas I used to LOVE visiting HMV in London and stocking up on albums.  Old age I guess!

Stopped off at M & S for my last prawn and mayonnaise sandwich which was delish.  I am in the midst of repacking my suitcase. 

Last night I went to Let It Be and it was fab.  Not anywhere near the real thing of couse but it was fun listening to songs that were never performed live by the Beatles such as Revolution and Norwegian Wood.  A fun evening for sure.

Before that I walked over to Waterloo Bridge and admired the view and fell in love with London all over again.  I think between not feeling 100% and putting up with the swarms more people it hasn't been the same.  My last few trips have been in the winter and while there are tourists nothing like there are now.  I almost prefer my quieter winter trips here!  I can't even imagine coming here in the summer...YUCK!

So needless to say I am not feeling sad at leaving London.  I have enjoyed it in a quieter way than normal.  Things have not worked out the way I had planned and hoped they would but that's life...I still enjoyed it and have done a fair amount for being under the weather. 

Tomorrow I am off to Iceland.   Very excited!

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