Sunday, April 20, 2014

This and that

Well things on my blog have been a little quiet lately due to the fact I am at home and not on the road.  Since coming back from my winter holiday in Mississippi, New Orleans and New York I have been at home - not even a day trip out of the city to tell you about.  While life hasn't been's just full of home type stuff such as movie and wine evenings with friends, meals out, live theatre, reading,  walking around the lake near me (not worth sharing photos believe me...melting snow and ice....riveting stuff!)  and working two days a week. (to help fund my travel addiction)  And wondering....will Spring ever come to southern Saskatchewan?  And spending hours googling places and looking up airfares for trips I will probably never take...

In mid May I start traveling again for a couple of long weekends and then in early July I am "out there" for a few days as well.  No overseas trips this year however....too much going on next year.  All will be revealed in a few months when my plans have been finalized. 

However in the meantime there hasn't been much to blog about - I have pretty well covered most of my last trip so that leaves going back through the mists of time back to travels I took over the past three or four decades.  I have decided to post several of my more interesting trips on "Throwback Thursday". 

So check back on Thursday to see where "we" will go!!  Then next month I will once again have some fresh content to share with you. 

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