Monday, February 9, 2015

The Thames Path - Day 3. London Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge

When I woke up this morning I was tired and did not feel like doing anything.  It was dull outside and I just felt "blah".  I lay there reasoning with myself about when to have my rest day... and decided "no Laurie you were going to walk today so just do it". 

I walked over to Honor Oak Station (abut a ten minute walk)  and got the train to London Bridge.  Once there I walked over to the Refectory of Southwark Cathedral and had breakfast.... that was the carrot to get me up and at it.  I had a coffee and a bacon bagel and now fueled up off I went.  Mondays in February - got to love them.  Very few people were out and about at 10 in the morning so the walk through tourist zone central was very calm.

The walk pretty well started at the Golden Hinde replica... the vessel that Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe in between 1577 and 1580. 

Then past one of the oldest riverside pubs in London...

Then on to the reconstructed Globe theatre... on Bankside now...

I never get tired of this view below, in fact if truth be told I whispered " I love you".... what can I say I am in love with this city. 

Beautiful tiles under Blackfriars bridge

Can't beat this walking trail

Looking back

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Another view

The path across from Big Ben

Looking back towards Lambeth Bridge
I didn't need my guide book today or the A to Z (in case I get "misplaced") so my backpack was pretty darn light.  As you can see the sun did come out and I am so happy I did the walk.  It was a short walk as I was tired and I had other things to do as well.  However it was a beauty of a walk and one I never get tired of. 

Tomorrow is my weekly rest day (laundry)   Back on the trail on Wednesday and hopefully I will get to Putney. This stretch is totally new to me once again - can't wait! 

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