Sunday, March 8, 2015

A stroll down the famous cobbles of Coronation Street

Okay I confess... I have been a regular viewer of Coronation Street, a British soap opera that has been running for over fifty years.  If I recall correctly I have been watching regularly since the mid to late 80's.  At home I DVR it regularly and okay this sounds sad but while in the UK I plan my evening social life around Corrie. Yeah I know.....

When I made plans to go to Liverpool I knew I must visit the Coronation Street site.  I should stress this is the old set - the cast and crew moved to a new facility in December of 2013.  Still, this was the site of the soap opera for over thirty years. 

So on Wednesday March 4th I set off for Manchester by train - it took nearly an hour to get there and being as I had wanted to see a bit of Manchester I booked well in advance of my 1:50 p.m. tour.  I took the opportunity to see a bit of the city.  Manchester has three free bus routes that run within the city centre so I took advantage of Route #3 and off I went.  I got off near St Peters Square and wandered around a is a bit of what I saw...

The Central library

Town hall

Town hall

I grabbed a quick sandwich at a pub and then I walked to the old Granada studios which was just a few minutes away.  I got there in plenty of time so they told me I could take an earlier tour.  I sat in the cafe and had a cup of tea while waiting and talked to the other fanatics waiting.  One table of excited ladies had taken the tour and assured me it was wonderful. 
We were then called for the tour. First we visited the wardrobe room where we saw such iconic outfits as Tracey's latest wedding dress (three versions of it including the last one she wore that is ripped and dirty after her fight with Carla), Roy's apron and ever present sand coloured cardigan, Sophie's parka that she seems to wear year round, one of Jack's shirts, Carla's wedding dress, Janice Battersby's fleece jacket (trust me any fan would recognize that thing!)....and more. It was interesting to hear that the wardrobe people go shopping at stores they feel the characters themselves would shop at... We then viewed a 7 minute video of the emotional highs and lows of the last 51 years on the Street.  Quite emotional....yes I know it's not real...if you're not a fan go away and quit reading this!! We then were led on to the set... unfortunately we were unable to take photos of  this but suffice to say we saw the interior of Underworld which is the local knicker factory, the Platts' living room/kitchen....we learned that at the top of the stairs there was nothing so when the actors went up the stairs they had to squish around the corner.  Easy for the children but not so easy for adults - filming had to be redone on at least one occasion as when they started editing they saw a pair of feet showing at the top of the stairs!  The new set now has a platform for David to cool his heels when he goes storming up the stairs!  We also saw the house that Jack and Vera lived in and now Fizz and Tyrone live...and of course the interior of the Rovers Return where we got to sit in the booths and on chairs  (I sat in the booth closest to the door!). If we wished we had our photo taken pulling a pint - I chose! On a bit of a morbid note we saw Hayley's colourful casket as well as Fred Elliot's rather large one. (which has been used for other characters who have shuffled off feet first)  We then were led onto the outdoor set and let loose so here we go...


I haven't even labeled the pictures as if you've made it far as the pictures you are a Corrie fan!  It was a wonderful experience and I am so glad I did it!!   The cost at this writing is 16.50 pounds and you do need to book ahead.  If you are a Corrie fan and are anywhere near Manchester go for it!  

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