Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Well another month finished...and I'm half done!

Three months from today I fly!!!  Not a good happy thing to think about now but I suspect in another three months I will be ready. (and a week or two later getting restless again)  Yes I am half done my incredible journey.  I can honestly say I am not tired of it yet and am enjoying every minute.  Of course I have days where things don't go exactly as planned but I have never thought "I want to be home".  Not that home is a bad place to be,  I just don't want to be there right now!

Right now I am in the beautiful city of York - it has been my second favourite city in England since the first time I ever visited....with its beautiful cobble stone streets, ancient walls (this city has the most intact city walls in England) and drool worthy buildings it is a winner.

Ruins of St Marys Abbey, York
I am staying at a fabulous guest house where I will return some day.  Tomorrow at noon I head back to London by train and will be living in Streatham for the next 8 days...another new area to explore! 

Beds slept in: the last month I have rested my head on the pillows of five different beds....the airbnb with Janet in Brockley, at the Downlong Cottage (fabulous!) in St Ives, at Anne and Steve's airbnb place in Birkenhead, Liverpool, my cousin Sue's place in Sleights and here in York.  Nothing compared to what the next month will bring!!

Low point:  It's been pretty smooth...I guess if I had to pick a low point it would be snagging a ticket to Paul McCartney's Liverpool concert only to have to let it go due to Ticketmaster (now known forever as Ticket Bastard) only letting me ship it to my billing address by courier.  Needless to say that won't work...even if I had someone at home waiting to scoop it up and send it to me I could not risk it.  So my only hope is to get one through someone who has an extra ticket, (hint, hint). Don't feel too sorry for me though as I managed to get tickets for both his London concerts.  Okay so I am a little obsessed but it beats being bored or worse...boring. 

High point:  Definitely taking a tour of Paul and John's early Liverpool homes,,,what an absolute thrill.  Just to be in the same room they wrote their beautiful music together or in the bedroom where the young gorgeous Paul slept...(insert heavy breathing)  It was really quite emotional. 

Outside Paul's home on Forthlin Road
Visiting the Coronation Street set was also a thrill....well there were so many good week in St Ives was fantastic, my airbnb hosts in Liverpool were great fun and fixed me the famous scouse stew they get their nickname from, it was awesome to see my family in Yorkshire again....

Best meal:  the home cooked meals my cousin Judy fixed for me - home made lasagna with salad and garlic toast and then a simple buffet style meal of chicken, pork pies, ham, salads and bread.  Nothing beats good home cooking especially when you've been on the road for three months. 

My 8 days in London will be fun (St Patricks day in Trafgalgar Square, a couple more days on the Thames path, a guided walk and more) but I will also be busy finalizing plans for April and planning/booking the last six weeks of my trip.  I also have to find somewhere to store the belongings I don't want to haul around with me for the next month or so.

The next month will see me in Turkey and Austria....I fly out to Turkey on March 21st for two days in Istanbul before heading off on a two week adventure tour around Turkey.  After the tour I fly to Vienna for five full days.

Stay tuned - it is getting more exciting all the time! 

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