Sunday, April 5, 2015

A quick note from Ankorra

Well I have a few minutes before breakfast so thought I'd send out a quick blog post....I am sitting in our hotel in Ankorra looking out the window at another big city.(2nd largest in Turkey) ..I the city lover saying that but I don't love every big city.  Just very special ones.

Today we head back to Istanbul and there ends a wonderful but very busy 15 day was such a good group...lots of fun.  Tomorrow at noon I fly to Vienna and a whole new adventure starts...Vienna is a new city for me to explore. 

Yesterday I did something epic....

Is that a good hint?  I will be doing a blog post on that soon...hoping to catch up a bit in Vienna when I have a couple of spare evenings before I head to the "no internet zone" at my friend's place in Germany....let's just say it was amazing!

Looking forward to good coffee and yeah...cake....and doing things on my own schedule in Vienna.  Loved the tour but I am tired. 

Hoping this blog is a busy place for the next week...we shall's hoping for strong wifi in my pension!!  Stay tuned!! 

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