Saturday, June 13, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Yes it's home sweet home...for now...because we all know that's going to change and the restlessness will start....  In fact there are ideas rolling around in my head for the next "big one" and I am already seriously thinking about some weekend getaways.  My work schedule has changed and I will find out more on Wednesday when I return to work. (shudder....then I will really be back to reality...) 

While I did make wherever I slept my "home" it's good to be back at home base.  I could never be one of those long term travelers without a home...from a physical standpoint I love having my "stuff" around me...and emotionally, having friends nearby.  My suitcases are empty and just need to be put away until the next adventure.  I had six months of mail to go through and while I haven't looked at it all it's been sorted...let's just say there's lots of paper around my place. Because I was gone during the tax period my income tax needs to be's hanging over my head and I know I need to get at that pretty darn quickly.  The lady who looked after my place did a wonderful job and I am so appreciative of that.   All the parcels I sent back are here as well as all the things I brought back...yes I really do have a problem with coasters...and fridge thought I bought a lot of gifts which I mailed out at the time but there was a lot for me, me, me  as well....

Most of the photos are now on my computer so the blog posts will be starting is so nice to see them on a bigger screen than my tablet.....yes I did a lot yesterday on top of washing all the clothes that accompanied on my trip and going out for pizza and caesar salad (at Houston's for those who know...yum!) with some friends last night I even got to the library to pick up a couple of books I had put on hold in London....I have a whole list of books I wrote on my iphone at Waterstones (oh Waterstones I do miss you.....and Daunts and Stanfords...oh don't get me started...) so have been putting them on hold at the library...yeah, I'm cheap....  Today it will be off to the farmers market to say hi to the vendors I know and pick up some of my favourite things.  Then a walk to a local grocery store to have one of their charity BBQ hot dogs (what can I say...I missed stuff like that) and buy some basics to get me through the week.  Needless to say I will be taking the bus back!  Hey I am even thinking of getting one of those wheeled carts that people put their groceries in...does that make me officially old?  Next weekend I have booked a rental car and will be dashing all over the city laying in supplies.  I gave away my perishables and anything that I knew would not last for six months before I left so I am pretty well starting from scratch.  It's exciting though!!! 

This summer will be a time of settling back in, reading books on my balcony and spending time with between working of course ....and doing blog posts and editing photos.....probably close to 12,000 I'd say....could be more or less but there are a lot!! Once autumn comes the urge to hit the road again even for a weekend will be overwhelming I know....

Anyway I am enjoying my last few days of this freedom I enjoy right now before I go back to being one of the working stiffs.....looks like I will be working more hours but it means more $$$ for travel right?  And the start of the nesting project?  What's the nesting project you ask?   Stay tuned! 

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