Monday, August 3, 2015

The beautiful Snaefellsnes Peninsula

In case you hadn't guessed I love Iceland.  I fell in love with it on my first trip (on a stopover on the way back from the UK) in October of 2013.  I just knew I had to do a stopover each way on this last trip to the UK and see more of the country.   One to experience the Christmas season and one to experience the Midnight Sun in June.  The one trip I really wanted to take was to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.   Due to rain and dull weather while I was there I had resigned myself to the same for my day trip - but like my enchanted trip to the Giants Causeway the weather was amazing.

It was a full day and we were advised to pick up sandwiches along the way - yes!  My kind of tour which is all adventure and exploring and no time wasted at lunch stops.

This post will be mainly a photo diary as the photos can explain the day so much better than I can. So off we go.....
Taken from the bus window enroute

Taken from the bus window enroute
It was a long haul to get to our first stop but totally worth it...

We were dropped off at a cafe and from there walked over to the cliff edge and around the area and all the while my cameras were going nonstop.  This area reminded me so much of Cape St Marys in Newfoundland....

Stunning, yes?  My mouth was hanging open the entire time I wandered around this area.  Our tour leader was excellent and recommended the best paths for us to walk in the area.

Talk about a darling little harbour...

Our next stop was at Djupalonssandur where the wreckage from a fishing trawler still lays scattered over the beach - a memorial to the crew who lost their lives in March of 1948.

These rocks were used as measuring strength for the local fishermen. 

Black sand and rock beach..result of.volcanic activity

Wreckage from the Epine fishing trawler
Then off we went again...this time a closer look at Kirkjufell - Church mountain...but before we left ..

Bad photo but you know it's a good day when the driver takes a picture - this glacier is rarely seen in its entirety as it's usually covered with cloud.

Beautiful view of the Snaefellsjökull Glacier
Church mountain
We even had a proposal here!!!

He was down on one knee but I missed it.

I guess if you have to get engaged this is as good a place as any
After we all clapped and wished them well it was time to head off to our last stop...a fishing village (sorry don't remember the name and even if I did I wouldn't be able to spell it) which was celebrating the annual Fisherman's day...

Kept seeing thsee helicopters at fisherman's day celebrations -  I guess because they do sea rescue
Finally our last stop....Olafsvik which was another fishing village.  By this time while the sun was still shining the wind was strong and cold and for most of us it was a quick jump out of the bus to take photos and a potty stop.

And then we headed back to Reykjavik...what a fabulous day!

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