Friday, March 18, 2016

Back in my happy place

Yes I am back in my happy place...sitting in bed listening to the birds twittering and the traffic go by on a late Friday afternoon on Wildwood Road.  In bed you say?  Yes.  I am feeling a bit under the weather so I took to my bed in the early afternoon for a LONG nap.  Hey meet me on Facebook tonight at 2 a.m. London time..I will chat with you all night.  Hopefully not!  I didn't take my own advice about NOT taking a long nap but sometimes you just have to listen to your body.  There is no need to rush myself - I am here for a long time. 

Our flight was late leaving Regina as we had to wait for a flight from Calgary to come in so we had 35 people getting on our plane.  And what people they were...I've never seen such chaos.  It always helps when one person holds up the whole line trying to get her oversize "carry on" above and then can't and calls for the flight attendant meanwhile there are people lined up behind her with eyes rolling, nostrils flaring and toes a tapping.  And I had a ring side view from my seat. 

Let's just say I visited the toilet six times on the way over between Toronto and London and  leave it up to your imagination on what caused it...a friend suggested it was something I ate but can't think what it could be as I've had nothing out of the ordinary.  Let's just say the trip was a gas, gas, gas and leave it at that. 

Passport control was a bit crazy so that took a while but before too long I was at the tube station, scanned my Oyster card and hopped on the train.  I was here a half hour later than I said so that wasn't bad as we did arrive a half hour late. 

Christine was here at the B and B to greet me.  One bad thing - my room isn't available until tomorrow so I am staying in a room that I actually like better as I have two windows.  However I share a bathroom with another room. (the room I have stayed in for years). Now I have no problem sharing a room with one other person but when they renovated last year they put in a tub but no shower.  I prefer showers.  Ah well, for one night I can handle it.

I then took the tube back to Hampstead and got my phone re-activated at EE.  I then walked down to M & S and picked up a few now I was getting pretty darn tired and physically I was going downhill fast.  So took a bus back and after a long nap and hot bath here I am. 

I certainly hope I feel more "with it" tomorrow and can do the things I have planned.  Stay tuned! 

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