Saturday, March 19, 2016

My dogs are barking

It was a long tiring day and yes, my dogs (feet) are barking. (sore).  After my first English brekky of the trip I headed off to catch the number 82 bus down to Oxford St.  I decided to walk to the bus stop a different way this time.  I have been staying at this bed and breakfast for 12 years now but this was the first time I actually walked this way.  I had a brief chat with a lady who advised me to visit the garden of the Golders Green Crematorium and I am glad I did.  I have gone by this place countless times on the little H2 bus that takes me from Golders Green station back here after a long day but I have never visited.  Sorted!!!  She told me the crocuses were out and yes they were....very interesting to visit. 

Maybe some people would be squeamish to visit a place like this unless absolutely necessary but I found it comforting. 

I got off on Oxford St. and headed along Bayswater road crossing into Hyde Park.  I got misplaced as I usually do in that park and got way off the route - that will teach me for deciding to take a diversion from the walk instructions.  I certainly got my daffodil fix! 

I also saw a black swan in the Lido in Hyde Park

When I finally got out of the park I walked over to the Natural History Museum and was horrified to see a huge line that snaked around and obviously would take hours to get in.  I think not!  I asked one of the security guards why it was so crowded and he told me it was the beginning of school break.  Luckily the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit which is what I wanted to see has been extended until May 2nd.  I was advised to book online and then would get in without lining up.  So I will definitely do that. 

Luckily the Victoria and Albert museum was not busy or I should say AS busy so I popped in - to use the loo!  Okay I did take a few photos...

By now I was dying for a hot coffee or tea but every place was packed - the only ones that weren't were the "posh" ones with waiters and I was not dressed for that nor did I want to spend that kind of money.  I wanted a nice casual place where I could sit and have a hot drink and write in my travel wasn't to be...maybe tomorrow? 

Walked past Harrods and close by I thought I saw a dog on the sidewalk - turned out it was a sand sculpture! 

Near Sloane Square I spotted a church and decided to go in and have a rest as it was open.  There was a large group of people laughing, stretching and making strange noises with an instructor giving them directions.  I figured this might be laughter yoga and thought I should take part but chickened out.  Lucky I did as it was a choir practice.  Oops - now wouldn't that have been embarrassing 

The choir getting ready for a formal practice - when I walked in they were all on the side of the church. 

On I trudged  into Chelsea and then along the Thames which on this dull day looked like gray slate...

I loved the entrance to Swan House along Chelsea Embankment. 

Shortly after this I gave up for the day and took a bus to Victoria station.  I think I did half the walk again trying to find a bus to Golders Green.  There is so much construction around the station and the buses leave from all over the place. 

After a 45 minute bus trip I arrived back and treated myself to a mushroom pizza - oh sorry known as Pizza Funghi in an  Italian restaurant and a glass of white wine.  While the pizza was good I could not  finish it and it left me wishing I had ordered pasta or even minestrone soup.  I needed something warm.  Ah well tomorrow night it's back to something from M & S to bring back here. 

A tiring but good day. 


Anonymous said...

I bet your dogs are barking - quite the day of touring.

We went to the V&A for the first time this November. Amazing. Love all of the free museums in London. Such a good concept.

Our dogs were barking earlier, but they are the ones that we are taking care of at our house sit. Your sand sculpture dog looked nice and quiet and peaceful. Much more my type.

Laurie said...

Yes I too love the free museums in London. I am so interested in your petsitting as I do that as well. Where are you now? So far I only have had one "gig" and that was in London Xmas of 2014. Hope to snag another here this coming Xmas and lots of other places as well. I belong to Trusted Housesitters and Mind My House - competition is fierce!!! Yes the sand dog was very quiet. :).

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