Friday, May 29, 2009

Tulips, walking and hounds

Well I am back from my latest jaunt. Unfortunately I didn't have much internet access while away so couldn't update my blog. I left May 12th and came rolling in by bus yesterday morning May 28th.

It was a great two weeks. I spent a week in Ottawa with two walking friends. I took part in the Ottawa Tulip walking festival and enjoyed all the walks - despite the crappy weather. The tulips were amazing. The friends I stayed with had two dogs so I got my dog fix - always important! We visited Merickville which is a small town on the Rideau canal. I love the Ottawa area. Then we drove to North Bay for the walking convention which was great fun. The weather was fantastic the whole time I was there. The accommodation at Nipissing University (Governers House) was great with a view of Nipissing Lake from it's front windows. The convention was fun from beginning to end. I spent one night in a cabin in Samuel Champlain Provincial park which was a unique experience - the black flies were unreal so bought myself a mosquito net to cover my face when we did the walk. It will come in handy here in Saskatchewan! If I dare put it on! Spent my last day with two walking friends from New Brunswick that were members of our club here. A wonderful holiday filled with friendship, walking in beautiful surroundings , good food and doggie fixes - you can't beat that in my opinion.
The Greyhound trip was fine - I am still tired but I will recuperate. Guess we nearly hit a moose in northern Ontario - darn I was laying down (as close as you can get to laying down on the bus) and felt the braking but missed the moose. Also I guess a wolf ran in front of us as well according to the driver. It is absolutely beautiful country there. In my younger days I used to feel it wasn't really a holiday unless you flew somewhere. After my two flying trips in April it was nice to relax and enjoy the scenery. The "long haulers" on the Greyhound become almost their own community.....I will be doing more hound trips for sure. I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful country and thanks to belonging to the Volkssport federation I am seeing more of my own country than I had ever dreamed about. I have walked in all the provinces and territories except for the Yukon but I am working on that!

Now except for a couple of walking weekends I will be home until mid September when I head up to the Northwest Territories for a couple of weeks. Then after that who knows....I am not planning anything until I see my bank balance after a summer of working.

Stay tuned!

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