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Halifax Day 6 - Exploring Dartmouth

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Halifax day 5 - A walk in Pleasant Park

Today I was going to for a walk in the park!!  But first I had to fuel up and that meant a good breakfast.   I had read that Mary's Diner was good and offered fish cakes so I hopped on the bus and got off on Spring Garden Road.  Just a bit north along that street I found the cafe and happily settled in for what I hoped was a good breakfast.  I wasn't disappointed!!!   You can barely see the fish cakes hiding under the toast on the left.  The green relish is called "chow".    I made my way back through the Public Gardens; I just can't get enough of this place!!   The flowers were beautiful but no time to "dilly-dally" - I had a walk to do!  My next stop was the Lord Nelson hotel where I signed in for the 10km walk and got the instructions and map.  And off I went!!  The route took me down Young Street which has some beautiful Victorian homes  I must say it got to the point I was thinking "where is this park?".   Finally, I arrived!!!   And here