Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The Paul McCartney concert was awesome - he did several songs he's never done before in North America which made it even more special. Really enjoyed myself. Well worth the trip. As it always is! Wrestlemania was on at the stadium beside the arena so I traveled out to Glendale on the bus with a bunch of wrestling fans. That was interesting. One couple even flew over from Scotland...oh well I can't say a word!! :) I had to take a taxi back which cost almost as much as a night's accommodation but I got back to my room safe and sound and that is the main thing.

Before the concert I visited the Heard Museum which has a lot of Indian artifacts and was fascinating. Next time I would like to visit it without having to be somewhere else afterwards. I was amused to see an Inukshuk standing outside the museum with a palm tree behind it. I bet all the other Inukshuks are jealous!!! Stupidly I had thought the museum opened at 9 on Sunday..duh not until 11:30 so I took the LRT back and on the way stopped to photograph a beautiful Presbyterian church which was a block from me. I was spotted and given the grand tour - once the service was over in the sanctuary I was taken in there so that was nice. The fellow that gave me the tour was a sweet old guy - those are the moments I love about travel - meeting the locals and hearing their stories. (even if I can't remember them later!)

Really enjoyed downtown Phoenix - my last morning after a delicious breakfast of jolquin yahoo (frittata with veggies and cheese with salsa and sour cream on top) I strolled around a bit more. You can keep Scottsdale. I liked Old Town Scottsdale just for the wild west theme although now that I've been there would not bother again unless it was on one of my walks - also visited one of the ritzy shopping malls there. Only so I could do a Bath and Body Works run. (really scored there with good coupons) Must admit I did spend more than my fair share on jewellry - I do love the turquoise jewellry and the south western designs but somewhere along the line I lost a pair of darling little brass Saquira earrings I got at the Phoenix farmers market. Waaa!!! I just loved them.

My flight home was much less stressful thank goodness.

Now I am scouring the internet and guide books trying to find cheap but nice bed and breakfast places in Cape Breton!

Yep six weeks from tomorrow I am off and running again!!!


Sedona - view from Chapel Montezuma's Castle
I meant to update this much sooner - here I am back over a week now. What can I say...laziness pure and simple.

Phoenix was great fun - I'd go back if circumstances worked that way. (eg: doing the half marathon down there in January) But I could not see myself ever going there for the winter. I enjoyed staying downtown - the Budget Lodge was very clean and central and the price was definitely right for my "budget"!!! The public transit worked for me most of the time - loved their light rail - new, clean and very efficient. I was able to take it to and from the airport which certainly helped with costs. I could get a day pass for public transit which cost $3.50 - can't beat the price. Of course it meant sitting around waiting for busses but I am a patient person and it was no problem - I enjoyed chatting with the locals. Met all sorts.

I managed to get on a tour to Sedona which was really good. Except for the fact that one of the passengers yakked on her cell phone almost the entire trip - she was working so we had to listen to her blabbing away to different people. The driver mentioned something to her apparently but she ignored him. He said to me later he was too lenient - most drivers would have told her to quit. She even asked when we were having lunch as she was going to be on a conference call. I thought that was terrible - she should have let her husband and daughter go on their own rather than do that. I was embarassed for them - I'd have been mortified to be with someone like that. Her voice was generally low but then she would get louder - and in a ten seater van even when you are talking low everyone can hear you. Anyway aside from the stupid bitch yakking and everyone else straining to hear the driver talk it was a good time. We stopped at Montezuma's castle which wasn't Montezuma's and wasn't a castle. It was a home carved into the rock - very interesting. Sedona was pretty - surrounded by red rocks. Because I've seen a lot of red rocks I wasn't as blown away by it as most of the people were on the trip. Now that I've seen it that is enough - I don't need to go back. The town was a tourist trap - loads of stores. So I took advantage and bought some gifts - they do have some great artisans in Sedona so I did get some wonderful things. On the way back we stopped in Jerome a former mining town - loads of shops there too. We really didn't have much time there. I was the first one picked up and the last one dropped off as everyone else was at the resorts in Scottsdale. So a 12 hour day.

Gallivanting around Guernsey - part 3 - a beach, a tower or two and a cream tea

Day three (Monday, March 26th) arrived and the weather was pretty darn good so once again I took my local bus into town and hopped the #91...