Friday, November 19, 2010

A tale of two toilets

I had a little trip on Wednesday up to Saskatoon. I am in charge of a 10km walk that starts at the Bessborough Hotel and needed to take some information up. So I made a day of it on the bus.

On the way there (three hour journey) we had a rest stop at a little town named Chamberlain. We could use the facilities at the convenience store there (for lack of a better word..). This was in the ladies room.....cozy isn't it. It was all rusted - not as bad as it looked. Trust me I've seen worse...let's see there was the pit toilet in Thailand with cockroaches circling. My bladder was ready to blow but I squatted and everything froze right up. Then there was the Canadian Tire in Toronto that had shit from one end of it to the other.... I can't even imagine how anyone was able to do that but anyway I digress....

On a trip to Saskatoon on the bus a few years ago I had to use this very loo and opened it to discover these two toilets. A woman was behind me and I said "look there's two of them" To which she replied "if you don't mind I don't" and promptly walked in behind me and started pulling her kit off. Holy crap...but anyway nature called so we both sat on the toilets and let 'er rip. Must admit not one of my more comfortable moments. Anyway this time I used it (alone) and while paying for my bottle of water told this story to the cashier and the bus driver and they both had a good laugh. The cashier said there used to be a double outhouse there so the owner just made two toilets there instead. A divider would have been nice!!

Anyway it was a nice little trip. I got to try Burmese food for the first time - very similar to Vietnamese. I had the fried noodles with veggies and shrimp. Next time I will try the Spicy rice dish. If you are in Saskatoon go to the Golden Pagoda on 2nd Ave. N. Delish!! I did the 5 km walk there - not the 10km as it was too darn cold. So a nice day out. And it was good to get on the bus again...not the 'hound. This was our government owned busses with Wifi on them no less. Don't get that on the 'hound!

Anyway that was my little adventure of the week. Three weeks from today I will have spent my first full day in London. (just had to throw that in!)

Gallivanting around Guernsey - part 3 - a beach, a tower or two and a cream tea

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