Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Colourful houses of Mazatlan, Mexico

Well this isn't even Throwback Thursday and I am reminiscing about my (all too short) week in Mazatlan, Mexcico in January of 2010.  It was one of my best holidays EVER.  I stayed in a delightful little hotel called La Siesta which was on the waterfront in the central part of town.(known as centro) overlooking the ocean.   I walked around the town photographing buildings, ocean views, dogs....visited the Mercado, attended a fantastic Flamenco dance performance in the restored Teatro (theatre), toasted the sunset with a beer from my balcony every evening and ate at some wonderful restaurants.  I also took a couple of day trips which were okay but my time in Mazatlan overshadowed anything else I did. My one foray into the Gold (tourist) Zone left me horrified and scampering back to my beloved Centro.  And did I mention I did this as a solo trip?  Mexico has had a lot of bad press lately and while there ARE bad things going on there I still believe the average tourist is safe.  Although in my heart I hope I can return to Mazatlan someday there is part of me that says not to go back - to remember it as this perfect week.  Not because I will encounter crime or anything negative but sometimes you just can't go back...

So here is a photo essay on some of the beautiful things you can see when you leave the resorts and explore what Centro Mazatlan has to offer...

This high level of houses was right around the corner from my hotel - so beautiful.

The restored "Teatro" in Mazatlan

The Cathedral downtown

Gazebo and cathedreal behind it.
I hope you enjoyed viewing the beautiful architecture of the centre of Mazatlan. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Visiting Corner Gas and why I love the Prairies

On a warm day in late July my friend June and I decided to go on a road trip.  Neither of us had been to the Claybank Brick plant and both being keen photographers we thought it would be an ideal way to spend an afternoon.  And it was!  More on that to come today I am sharing what we did AFTER.... which was visiting the setting for "Corner Gas".

"Corner Gas" was a Canadian sitcom that ran from 2004 to 2009.  This hilarious show focused on Brent Leroy, a fellow who runs the local gas station in Dog River, Saskatchewan and his (crazy) parents, friends, co-workers and the local cops.  It became a giant hit nation wide and resonated especially well with those who grew up in small towns on the prairies.  In fact "Corner Gas: the movie" was filmed this summer and will be released around Christmas time. 

"Dog River" is actually Rouleau, Saskatchewan , a small town not that far from Regina which is where I hang out when I'm not on the road.  Outdoor filming was done there and the indoor shots mainly shot at a sound stage in Regina. 

After the Claybank visit we decided we noticed signs for Rouleau and thought why not?  So off we went to Dog River. 

So come along and even if you've never heard of "Corner Gas" enjoy some classic prairie scenery.  Because nothing beats the prairies on a sunny day when the canola is in flower.... 

Arriving in "Dog River"
The famous Ruby's Cafe where a lot of the action takes place - how about a chili cheese dog? 

 The above picture was taken inside The Ruby - they had just finished filming the "Corner Gas: the movie" which will be released this December.  The door was unlocked so we just wandered in...

View of the Ruby in its prairie setting

Corner gas - where most of the action took place
 On the way home I took some fantastic prairie shots if I say so myself - no editing necessary....

It was a grand day out - thanks to my friend June who did all the driving and had this idea that we should just hit the road together on the spur of the moment.  May there be many more fun days like this!!!

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