A visit to Kaposvar Historic Site in Saskatchewan

One of the advantages of being stuck at home for an extended amount of time is that I've been able to see more of my home province.  Saskatchewan has a bad rap for being a "fly over province" but there is really a lot of rich history and interesting places to visit.  And we are much more than the flat land you see from the TransCanada Highway.  Last summer and fall while Covid numbers were pretty low here I was able to take a few day tours with Engelheim transport and I enjoyed every one.  They booked the bus at half capacity so I had two seats to myself, masks were required getting on and off the bus and in every building we visited.  The tour guide was there when we got on and off the bus to spurt some hand gel onto our hands.  I felt totally safe.  In early November I was on the bus headed Northeast to the Kaposvar Historic Site.  We also visited the Western Development Museum in Yorkton.   I have to be honest and say I had never heard of Kaposvar before.   After a c

A walk along the Capital Ring - Sudbury Hill Station to South Kenton

This was an "interesting" walk in a few ways.  In early January of 2020, I boarded the train from my home station of Streatham Common to Wembley Central and then got onboard the #92 bus towards Sudbury Hill Station where I had finished my last walk on the Capital Ring in July of the previous year.  Even though I was following the route on google maps on my phone I got off the bus much too early.  Somehow I got confused and got off at Sudbury and Harrow rail station.  Duh.... maybe I should have had that second cup of coffee at breakfast but then again that does create other problems when you are walking! So I waited for the next #92 and this time got off at the right stop.   I popped into a shop next to the station to buy a Galaxy bar...I am getting credit for doing this walk through my walking club so I have to have proof I walked it.  I was impressed I remembered to do this actually.  Any excuse to get a Galaxy bar!!!    I headed off along the pavement (known as sidewalks

A few of my favourite things around Calgary, Alberta

  In my last post about Calgary I wrote about my favourite places downtown.   Now I'm going to talk about places a bit further afield.  I am no expert on Calgary plus I have to confess here that I am more of an Edmonton gal myself (Calgary and Edmonton have a sibling rivalry like a lot of cities in the same province/state do..) Fun fact:  I lived in Edmonton for nearly a year in 1970/71 plus visited frequently as my sister and niece lived there for years and I have quite a fondness for the city. These were my favourite places when I was there taking care of a pooch in February/March of 2000. (my last trip before the pandemic hit as it turned out)  The Calgary Farmers Market  The market proved a little awkward to get to by public transit but I love a public transit challenge. I ended up going there twice.  That's how good it was!!  I got myself some Maple Cream loose tea (still have a bit left; it's lovely) and frozen maple chili here.   No, I did not get one of these - they