Monday, September 27, 2010

More snow!

Well it is melting pretty well as soon as it hits the ground but it's still SNOW. So this morning I walked over to the Chocolate Claim and had a muffin and coffee then on to the bus exchange where I took two busses to different areas of the city just because....the bus driver was doing both routes (they do different ones during one shift which is interesting) so I only paid one fare for both. Got to see their beautiful Canada Games Centre - from the outside anyway. Had some hot soup at a nice coffee shop - they have such neat coffee shops here. Then took the bus to the Barengia centre - the bus driver was kind enough to drop me across the street from the centre. I enjoyed the centre - all about the area of land that was formed during the ice age between Russia and North America and the animals that lived there. (here) So interesting. Then walked over to the airport to get the bus back to town and had a lovely lamb dinner at the kebabery. Then after I got bavck here Angus and I went for a walk together.....Now I am sitting in the basement freezing waiting for Nancy (hostel mgr) to finish cleaning the floor upstairs. My netbook is acting up and I can't access Facebook or reply to emails....the pop ups seem to be working. No idea.

Tomorrow I am not sure what to do for breakfast - sourdough cinammon buns sound good but then again so do one of those egg, cheese and ham paninas at the Baked cafe. Decisions, decisions....then it's off to the airport by bus.

I need to go home to thaw out - all I can say is better still be warm when I get there!!!

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