Saturday, January 8, 2011

Okay here we go again

My post published from here...yay. So now I will tell you about Thursday. I headed for Borough Market thinking it would be quieter than the day I usually go...Saturday (it runs Thurs. to Saturday) Well quiet it was - very few stalls were set up yet. I had told Simon no brekky so I headed for the market cafe - somewhere that normally you can't get close to as it's so packed. I had a bubble with mushroom and bacon breakfast - translation. bubble and squeak (mashed potatoes fried with veggies), bacon, fried mushrooms, fried egg and a sausage. Oh my it was so damn good...heart attack on a plate but the best brekky I've had in a long time. I discovered brown sauce as well - yum! Hard to believe this is from someone who still has the goal of being a vegetarian...but it's true! Well mostly vegetarian....

Then after a coffee in the coffee shop at Southwark (was holding out for a Monmouth coffee but the shop is being refurbished) I took off on the tube to the 02. I got a combo ticket for the British musical experience and Titanic. I did the Titanic exhibit first and it was so interesting...lots of artifacts from the ship. The music experience was okay but not as good as I had hoped. You could try different instruments so I did hold an electric guitar - didn't know what the hell I was doing with it but I held one..a new experience and I am all about that. Now I just need the musician to go with it. :)

I took the bus back to Covent Garden and had a pizza and wine at a restaurant nearby before going to see the Beatrix Potter ballet at the Royal Opera House. I had cheaped out and gotten restricted leg room ticket but as luck would have it the people beside me didn't show up so I was able to move over and enjoy a seat for 12 pounds more. (as the people beside me informed me - not in a snotty way they were happy for me and we had a nice chat about Canada, etc. - one of the perks of solo travel is you get to meet way more people). The Beatrix Pottert ballet was delightful - they were in full costume as in no faces. Jemima Puddle Duck was the best - everyone went crazy when she jumped on the stage. Ballet students were the little was so much fun. I loved it. The Royal Opera house is beautiful - I hadn't been there in a long time.

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