Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pictures or should I say no pictures...

In case you are wondering why you aren't seeing any pictures on my posts there is a reason. They are a PITA (work that one out..) to put on and take forever. I will get it done eventually however before my next big trip hopefully.

No plans for a big one yet but I have plenty of ideas....should it be Vietnam/Cambodia or should it be South India then again how about Sri Lanka - or should I go to visit a German friend at Christmas and head to Asia after that? Then again taking a big trip like that means I probably won't get away for months after. I am suffering through three months in Saskatchewan looking at snow, snow, ice, more snow, some more ice and now icy water...whee!!!

I like getting away at Christmas...had wonderful Christmases as a child but ready to find out how the rest of the world celebrates or better yet DOESN'T celebrate Christmas.

Right now I am working full time...full time you say? I am retired - what's wrong with this picture. It wasn't my idea but it fell into my lap so to speak so guess I had better make the most of it and more money equals more travel right?

Restless...I'm getting restless!!!

Yes very very restless...stay tuned!!!!

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