Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pictures or should I say no pictures...

In case you are wondering why you aren't seeing any pictures on my posts there is a reason. They are a PITA (work that one out..) to put on and take forever. I will get it done eventually however before my next big trip hopefully.

No plans for a big one yet but I have plenty of ideas....should it be Vietnam/Cambodia or should it be South India then again how about Sri Lanka - or should I go to visit a German friend at Christmas and head to Asia after that? Then again taking a big trip like that means I probably won't get away for months after. I am suffering through three months in Saskatchewan looking at snow, snow, ice, more snow, some more ice and now icy water...whee!!!

I like getting away at Christmas...had wonderful Christmases as a child but ready to find out how the rest of the world celebrates or better yet DOESN'T celebrate Christmas.

Right now I am working full time...full time you say? I am retired - what's wrong with this picture. It wasn't my idea but it fell into my lap so to speak so guess I had better make the most of it and more money equals more travel right?

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Dena said...

Some of us have been here for the entire 7 months of this winter that never ends. I froze my fingers gassing up Saturday. Starting to believe the saying that we don't have summer, only two months of poor sledding! Have you lost your Canadian tough somewhere in the warmer parts of our universe? Yeah, a winter to test Canadian tough, hope it ends before your next trip! And please go somewhere warm, remember I have to travel vicariously with you. PS I really liked London and Mazatlan!

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