Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hi from Whistler

Yep I made it. My friend Donna loaned me her internet stick as the hotel here charges a lot. Anyway the flights were on time - a surprise to find my travel agent Bernice and a friend's husband were on the same flight - but heading off to Cabo in Mexico from Calgary. Lucky them. Oh well, arrived to cloudy skys but so far no my luggage quickly and got the Canada Line to Waterfront Station and then on to the Greyhound station via the Expo line. Painless....well mostly. Got my bus pass and off we went - Eilleen from Regina, Donna from Ottawa and me and ran into a couple of club members from Nova Scotia as well. Good trip up and we are at the Delta Whistler Suites which is right across from the bus stop. Such luxury - not used to it! Pink Grapefruit shower gel....bath time!!! I will enjoy it while I can as for the rest of the trip (with the exception of the motel in Hope) I will be trudging down the hall to use the loo and shower. I know some people are used to this luxury but when you travel as much as I do you have to economize somehow. I'd rather travel lots and stay in hostels then have one trip a year and stay in a fancy place but that's just me.

Donna and I were starving (she was over 80 hours on the Greyhound....YIKES - thought I am sure she did eat along the way but I was acting so goofy it seemed like I was the one that had been on the bus that long - mine was just from having about four hours of sleep) so went for an early supper - tuscan grilled vegetable sandwich with sweet potato fries. Sorry no photos Dena. It was good. We then went for a 5 km walk which was okay - the paths were nice - I did huff and puff on a few hills but by the time I am finished this trip I should be in much better shape she says hopefully - and stopped in at Cows and had an ice cream - in my case a double as could not make up my mind between blue berry and chocolate so had both. Having a double cone is very unusual for me...really it is. :) Talk about cows!!

Brekky tomorrow at 8 a.m.- not sure where we are going but I am in the mood for something GOOD - then we will do a 10km walk then a meeting at 1 p.m. I swore no more meetings when I left SaskTel but somehow meetings to do with walking are so much better than meetings about the CRTC, (SNORE) IT issues, new products and get the drift. Then tomorrow night is the Meet & Greet at the Elephant and Castle downstairs.

Good to be back amongst a bunch of crazy walkers.

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