Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sick and tired

I've been home over a week now and meant to update this blog however I've been busy working and then I got sick....I had my B.C. cold that was getting better but then I woke up last Friday morning feeling the worst I have felt in years. I have the cold from hell and the cough from someplace even worse. I had a house guest over the weekend for four nights and felt badly as I could not do much with her. My attempts at cooking meals were pathetic and I could not go on walks with her. I did part of one walk with her and then came home on shaky legs. This past Monday I rented a car (I had booked a car for the weekend but cancelled it due to not feeling at all well on Saturday) and drove down to Weyburn to do a 10km walk there. Well my friends did 10 km - I did 6 and that was more than enough for me as I needed energy to drive. They gave me an SUV - I hate SUV's but that was all they had and I did enjoy driving it. Luckily it was a small one - a Ford Escape. However Monday night I was absolutely shattered and paid for it dearly with the worst coughing fit of my entire life. I am pretty tired. Make that exhausted.

I came back from B.C. so fit and strong and now I have to start my walking regime from scratch again - I cannot even muster the energy to walk to work which is only 3 km. I think I am getting worse instead of better but oh well that's life.

The rest of my trip back was pretty good - the bus was full coming back from Kelowna & Calgary but got in pretty much on time and back to work the next day...and then I wonder why I get knees did not like the trip the long bus trips may be no more.

All in all a good trip. I do love traveling on my own - I feel so free and strong. I feel like a warrior princess! Okay I will change this blog from Restless Prarie Girl to Restless Warrior Princess!

Now I will go and have a piece of cheese to have with my whine. And celebrate the fact that bloody hockey ends tonight - I hope the door slams it's ass on the way out too.

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