Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sprucing it up

Looking at other blogs makes me feel ashamed at how "low tech" this one is. I guess I will have to work on it. I need to put more pictures on as well. Another project: going through old diaries and putting them on here. With editing of course! I am sure people don't want to read about me drooling over all the 'cute guys' in the Montreal airport when I took off for my very first overseas trip in January 1975. It's fun to read old diaries. I've fallen off the wagon a bit that way but have bought two Christmasy diaries (cheapo ones from Michaels) so hope to have a hand written journal of my upcoming trip for my eyes only. (I don't tell you guys everything!!!) This trip is low key enough I should have the time to sit every day and write.

I also have to play around with my netbook and figure out why my blog comes up in very tiny font and I can't seem to get rid of it. Needless to say I cannot blog when that is happening. This is just something recent that has been happening. Any suggestions? The first part of the trip will be interesting as the bed and breakfast I am staying at only has wifi in the main house where I will be at breakfast. So guess I will type something up in word and take my netbook with me to brekky and plop it in. My friend in Germany does not have internet access so will be "offline" (Screech!) for 8 days. Yikes. Perhaps I can go to an internet cafe once but that is difficult when you know someone is waiting for you. Paris and London both have wifi - I wonder if Simon has fixed it so I can actually have a good connection in my bedroom or will I have to sit on the stairs again. Oh well for 25 pounds a night I am not going to complain!!!

Ah, the buzzer is going - time to go wash the dye out of my hair!!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Plans afoot

Wow I did not post in October at all. I spent Thanksgiving with family in Lethbridge and that was very nice. Had my oldest friend to stay last weekend and that was lots of fun. Other than that I have been working. I really need to do more playing so am going to fix that in the next few weeks. Lots of friends to catch up with before I hit the road again.

Plans are all set for Europe - airfare booked (Air Canada as their schedule was the easiest and most reasonable), accommodation booked, two train journeys booked (the other two tickets will be bought the day of travel) I even have my suitcase out - nothing in it yet but it's there ready to hit the road. I wish I was one of those people who could take off for a month with a carry on but sadly I'm not. I am going with my big duffle - well I call it big but it depends on who you talk to!! Traveling in winter means I will be taking warm bulky clothes. I may try fitting things into my medium sized suitcase (just over carry on size) but don't think that will work...

One of the reasons I booked to go to Europe rather than Vietnam/Cambodia as originally planned was that I wanted to take another winter holiday and would not have been able to afford two if I'd gone somewhere a bit further flung. (besides the fact I need a break from squat toilets and trying to cross insanely crazy roads buzzing with motor bikes all out to get me) Winter here is harsh and long. I decided to go to California and do a half marathon I've been dying to do for ages. And then I got looking at options and to make a long story short two and a half weeks after I get home I fly off to California for over a week then off to Austin, Texas for three nights. Why Austin? Because it's the capital of Texas and I am on a mission to walk in all the state capitals of the U.S. I have had an interest in Austin for quite a while - it is a funky artsy city with more liberals in it than is common for redneck Texas. I am quite looking forward to it. I have booked an Airbnb place that looks adorable - and for $50 a night. I can't wait. Lots to look forward to. And yes I am doing it solo. It works for me. The lady whose house I am staying at sounds so nice and the reviews of her place are great. I love the idea of staying in a normal neighbourhood and meeting local people as well as picking up food to bring home to heat up (note I don't say way not on holidays!) rather than constant restaurant eating. Paris and Austin are my first forays into the Airbnb world and if it works I will be going that route most of the time from now on.

I got a great rate - my total airfare came to $607 which includes taxes - that is flying from Regina to Orange County, Orange County to Austin and Austin back home again. So I have loads to look forward to.

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