Saturday, November 5, 2011

Plans afoot

Wow I did not post in October at all. I spent Thanksgiving with family in Lethbridge and that was very nice. Had my oldest friend to stay last weekend and that was lots of fun. Other than that I have been working. I really need to do more playing so am going to fix that in the next few weeks. Lots of friends to catch up with before I hit the road again.

Plans are all set for Europe - airfare booked (Air Canada as their schedule was the easiest and most reasonable), accommodation booked, two train journeys booked (the other two tickets will be bought the day of travel) I even have my suitcase out - nothing in it yet but it's there ready to hit the road. I wish I was one of those people who could take off for a month with a carry on but sadly I'm not. I am going with my big duffle - well I call it big but it depends on who you talk to!! Traveling in winter means I will be taking warm bulky clothes. I may try fitting things into my medium sized suitcase (just over carry on size) but don't think that will work...

One of the reasons I booked to go to Europe rather than Vietnam/Cambodia as originally planned was that I wanted to take another winter holiday and would not have been able to afford two if I'd gone somewhere a bit further flung. (besides the fact I need a break from squat toilets and trying to cross insanely crazy roads buzzing with motor bikes all out to get me) Winter here is harsh and long. I decided to go to California and do a half marathon I've been dying to do for ages. And then I got looking at options and to make a long story short two and a half weeks after I get home I fly off to California for over a week then off to Austin, Texas for three nights. Why Austin? Because it's the capital of Texas and I am on a mission to walk in all the state capitals of the U.S. I have had an interest in Austin for quite a while - it is a funky artsy city with more liberals in it than is common for redneck Texas. I am quite looking forward to it. I have booked an Airbnb place that looks adorable - and for $50 a night. I can't wait. Lots to look forward to. And yes I am doing it solo. It works for me. The lady whose house I am staying at sounds so nice and the reviews of her place are great. I love the idea of staying in a normal neighbourhood and meeting local people as well as picking up food to bring home to heat up (note I don't say way not on holidays!) rather than constant restaurant eating. Paris and Austin are my first forays into the Airbnb world and if it works I will be going that route most of the time from now on.

I got a great rate - my total airfare came to $607 which includes taxes - that is flying from Regina to Orange County, Orange County to Austin and Austin back home again. So I have loads to look forward to.

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