Friday, January 6, 2012

A whole day of sunshine!

It was lovely today. First of all I walked over to a cafe near here I have been eyeballing for a while and had a cappucino. This was in an area here in Hampstead Garden Suburb I don't get to very much. After getting money out of the ATM I took the bus to the tube station and off I went. Got off at Leicester Square and started off on the walk. What do I see but a brand new M & M store - I am not a big M & M's fan but had to stop in and take a look. Talk about a friendly staff - well I've noticed most of the London shop assistants have been friendly this trip. It must be an alien invasion trust me...not normal...Anyway I had my photo taken in front of four M & M's walking across Abbey Road. :) All sorts of cute photo ops so I'd recommend anyone to pop in and have a look. Just take a fat wallet with you - I bought as few M & M candies as I could get away with but after all the friendliness I felt I should get something.... They had a whole wall that you could pick out what colours you wanted and there was every colour under the rainbow- I still prefer Smarties and I told them that.....One store clerk accosted me and told me the whole history of M & M's. But don't ask me to repeat it. I swear these sales assistants were aliens from Planet M & M. Too spooky friendly.

From there I headed through Piccadilly Circus and up Regent St. (posh shopping street) and then through Mayfair (posh) to Grosvener Square where the American and Canadian embassies are amongst others. Interesting to stop and see a lovely memorial sculpture to the animals lost in the wars. There were two fellows from an antique brass cleaning company cleaning the sculptures. I had to chuckle to myself as one was cleaning the business end of a horse - no chance of being pooped on but I heard a curse and he had hit his head on the "rear end" as he got up. Anyway the memorial was quite it said on the inscription "they did not have a choice". Then over to Hyde Park and then carried on to Hyde Park corner and Green Park and on to St. James favourite it.

I walked by St. James Palace and again through Piccadilly and over to Covent Garden - picked up a you guessed it prawn and mayonaisse sandwich for my supper...or tea as they call it here. Took a bus back here and sat at the front. I started video taping the Xmas lights but had to stop as some woman was having an argument with someone on her mobile..didn't exactly want that on my camera. Don't get me going on people who talk on phones on public transit please...okay don't mind if I do....rudeness doesn't even begin to describe it. If someone calls you make it brief but to sit and yack away about your personal life with a full bus listening in is just plain old common as my grandma would say.

The day was so glorious I decided not to worry about getting over to the east end to the Geffreye museum for the goodbye to Christmas thing. I did it three years ago so not like I needed to do it again...I will in the east end on Sunday.

Back here for an evening of Corrie...

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