Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm moving!

Sadly not to hoo but moving to a smaller apartment within the city. Less rent and less space so I can downsize (though it's still going to be crammed to the rafters...that's what happens when you have a huge Beatles collection, are sentimental and are a traveler/photographer) AND travel more. It is in a 55 plus apartment which freaks me out a bit especially when I see little old ladies in walkers toddling along the hallways but there are people my own age living there including a long time friend. It is in a highrise and on the 7th floor with a lovely view and an absolutely huge balcony. I wish a bit of that balcony was inside but oh well. I have new carpet, lino and counter tops so am happy. When I moved into my current place over five years ago I was promised new countertops and sink as well as refinished cupboards - it took three years to get the countertops and sink and I am still waiting for the refinished cupboards. Bet the next person gets them!

Anyway I am looking ahead, not back. An exciting new chapter of my life - even if it does come with handrails by the toilet and bathtub. (hey and even scarier...I was happy to see the handrails by the bathtub!)

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