Whoa it's hot!

This morning I did the 5 km walk instead of the 10 km as it was so hot.  The tulips were way past their prime as in dead...there were a few there but nothing to what it was....anyway the walk was still enjoyable.  We walked through the tulip beds and beside the Rideau Canal and in a beautiful park like setting.  We got a school bus there and back. 

When I got back I had grand ideas of going to downtown Ottawa but I was hot and exhausted walking to the bus stop so decided to head over to the nearby shopping centre to try and get a couple of things I had forgotten to bring with me. (razor blades and extra shampoo)  I love travel size!!! I stopped at Timothy's coffee (as opposed to Tim Hortons...) and had an iced Chai Latte - yum - and a veggie sandwich which could have been better.  I sat and read the paper in the nice air conditioning for quite a while. 

Now I sit in relaxing in the cool air.  I am really quite tired.  I may be going out later - we shall see - have to make a phone call later.  My friend Eilleen is heading out for another 10 km walk but I just can't stand the thought of walking in the heat.  I believe it's 28 to 30C out there.  With humidity.

Last night's banquet was wonderful - the best meal at a convention yet.  Roast hip of beef with delicious spiced baby potatoes, veggies, salads, chicken - oh my.  And for dessert a plate of pieces of cake - I had the red velvet - everyone was different....very good!!  Sat and visited and then there was a presentation of a walking adventure company.  Lovely photos but it is a little over my budget.  But it was enjoyable.  Visited with some people and then the DJ started..."Twist and Shout" - how could I resist?  Not many danced but we were all in a circle and boogie we did.  Eilleen and I closed the dance floor down.  And I wasn't even drunk...I impressed myself.  Usually I have to be half cut to get up and dance.

I had a wonderful surprise - got a plaque for my four years of being on the Board of Directors - it's really beautiful so that shall go on my wall.  If I can find room!!! 

I really think I will have that nap...