Sunday, June 3, 2012

And more...

Here is the hotel I will be staying at tomorrow night...very luxurious for me!! Apparently check in is in a different building so we shall see.

Forgot to mention that I also visited the Lachine Canal which is about a ten minute walk from where I am staying - very interesting and a cool place to sit on a warm day.  They have paths on either side of the canal and if I'd been up to it I'd have been busy walking.  But I wasn't so I just sat and enjoyed. 

Back to my room now to upload pictures and pack again for the last time.  I plan to leave everything I need on top so there will be no need to repack on Tuesday morning.  I am excited to be going home - oh man still can't believe I am saying this.  And when I get back to work and also the hassle of finding someone to install my air conditioner at home you know I will be saying "Beam me back to Montreal Scotty". 

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