Settling in

Thursday:  A pretty quiet day today.  Terry and I took Casper for a walk around the block but the rain came in so no more walks for Casper.  We went grocery shopping and I picked what I wanted for the week fully intending to pay and Terry bought it so that was sweet.  Afterwards we picked up Gloria and went to Pertillo's for Italian beef sandwiches which were really good.  Back here to watch the first Harry Potter movie The Sorcerer's Stone - I have decided to be Potterized for the week as Terry has all the movies.  Not a fan but want to see what the fuss is all about.  She has lots of movies so I won't be bored that's for sure. 

Spaghetti and meatballs, salad and garlic bread for supper with left over birthday cake.  Yikes - all this food and no walking.  I had better get out there.  Although tomorrow is supposed to be a horific day with ice pellets no less.  Better weather at the weekend and early next week so I think I am going to start my outings on Sunday.

Casper seems to enjoy my company although not as much as last night. :) 

Okay this didn't go last night on my netbook which is really acting up on me or just could be Terry's wifi.  So using Terry's computer right now and probably will from now on.  I just went for a driving lesson - ha ha.  I am driving Terry's car home tomorrow from the metro station - about a 20 minute drive but a simple route.  (Thank goodness) Anyway wanted to get "the feel" of the car plus practice putting it into the garage.  She backs in which terrified the heck out of me as could see me taking everything out in there including a few innocent garbage bins in the lane but we found out I can drive it in which suits me.  I had to have two goes at it but did it.   I am not a keen driver and being carfree now (after 36 years of car ownership) I don't drive as much.  I guess the one plus for me is I am used to driving different cars as I rent a fair amount.  It will be a relief to get that sucker back in the garage and carry on with my life.  They have to be at the metro station by 6 a.m. so I will be up early and have to do all this before my morning coffee but at least I can say I drove in Chicago right?  I can use her car anytime but I doubt that I will.  I VERY VERY doubt that I will!!!  She has given me her transit passes to use so bopping around won't cost me a penny.  Gotta love that!!!  I've just been told to AVOID THE GREEN LINE.  (metro line)

This morning I met Dru their next door neighbour who is a real sweetie and is going to let Casper out for me on the days I go downtown.  I took Casper for a walk this morning and after I've played on the computer a bit we will go out for another one.

So many unique  Hallowe'en decorations in this area so have to get out and get some shots.  I hope to do a blog on that alone. Tomorrow I am planning to stay here and 'bond' with Casper as his mommy will be gone and he will be sad.  So we will do a couple of nice walkies and hang out.   Sunday I turn into a tourist and hope to go to Oak Park (home to a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture) and do a 10km walk there but will see what the weather is like. 

It is cool here - no rain so far but very cloudy and looks like it could pour any minute.  Yesterday was pretty well non stop rain.  Gloria is going to pick us up later to go for stuffed pizza and I am sure it will be an early night after that.  Terry is busy packing 'as we speak'.

I have been relaxing and getting into vacation mode - I have a whole week to explore at my leisure.  This is the quiet part of my trip and the rest will be nonstop so am just enjoying visiting with Terry, having a warm doggie on my lap, watching movies, reading, etc.  I am staying in the Portage Park area of Chicago which is west of downtown.  (well go east and you would be in the lake!!!) I've been pretty stressed at work so it's nice to chill out and relax.  With different scenery and a doggie to walk!