Saturday, January 26, 2013

Templed out

Well I am templed out - but one more to go and that's tomorrow!!  The Angkor area temples are absolutely amazing.  Of course one thinks of the whole thing as Angkor Wat but that is just one temple.  However that is the first one we visited.  We went in the "back" entrance which was less crowded.  We sat down on some rocks as Teedagh gave us an overview.  All of a sudden I felt something against my back and here it was a monkey leaning against me and  trying to get the water bottle out of my backpack.  The others soon shooed him off.  However they can be viscious.  I just could not resist one sitting on a motorbike guzzling water (the motorcylist's water by the way that he had foolishly left there)  but he hissed and made a face at me (as monkeys do) so I didn't hang around. 

I could not do the high stairs so just went as far as the second floor which was fine by me. 


Isn't it amazing? 
The front of the building was much more crowded so we were glad we got to see it for the first time  from the quieter entrance.  This building is the national symbol of Cambodia and a source of national pride and it's easy to see why,.  It even has a moat!!!  Lots of detailed engravings throughout - amazing and another big moment in the lifetime.  From there we visited Ta Prohm which is the only temple that has been allowed to stay "wild".  That is roots of trees all over the place.  Very spooky!!!
After a stop for lunch (vegetable curry served in a coconut) we headed further out to Banteay Srei wich was small but wonderful.  It has some of the most intricate carvings on earth.  (according to Lonely Planet!)
Do not fear - I plan to post more pictures while in Kep.  I cannot believe I can actually post pictures as the select button has not shown up previously.  No clue why - computers!!!! 
As we went to leave the bus broke down so we had to wait another hour.  Liz, Roger and I headed for a restaurant for tea - the most hideous tea I've had in my life.  But oh well - it was a chair and it was out of the baking sun. 
Last night I had an Indian head massage...I will save the details of that for another day...let's just say it was an experience.  That said..I think it's time to head out for a foot and leg massage.  $5 for an hour, can't beat that.  Okay I am sure they are not professionals but it feels good. 
If the wifi is good next weekend watch out as I will be posting lots more.  I have five lazy days at Kep Lodge at the end of this tour and I plan to do NOTHING but read, write, drink (I've discovered another beer I like...Angkor...oh dear) and eat.  Oh yes and splash in the pool.  

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