Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A lazy last day in Kep

I am just relaxing today.  I probably won't even leave the lodge.  There really isn't anything else I want to see in the area and so much beauty right here.  Why leave?  Then I scare myself thinking this sounds too much like an all inclusive and those people who never leave the resort.  Then I think no...I have explored a lot and been on the run for over two weeks.  I am paying a premium price (for Cambodia) to stay here so why not enjoy it.  Tomorrow it's off to Phnom Penh on the bus and it's nonstop from then until I drag myself reluctantly on that plane next Tuesday morning.  The staff here are absolutely sweet and they will get a good tip from me.  With an average monthly wage of $100 a month every little bit helps and it will get split amongst them all.  I don't dicker too much over tuk tuk prices here - I have so much and they have so little. 

I am curled up on the sofa on my balcony with the birds twittering.  Oh and construction furthur away but trying to block that out.  It is a good thing for Kep so that is fine with me.  I do hear a kid but it's kind of quiet so will try not to kick this one. :) 

I will migrate to the pool in a while.  Hmm...the cops are here for the second time but have a feeling they are staying here...interesting.  Although maybe they are military...not sure...

I may treat myself to a seafood dinner out tonight - we shall see. 

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