Wednesday, April 24, 2013

London's East End

Anyone who knows me (or reads this blog!) is aware I am totally obsessed, in love with and gaga about London.  Ever since I arrived for the very first time on January 10th, 1975 I lost my heart to this city.   I have covered a lot of London but until recently I had never visited the East End.  It just wasn't on the "tourist map" and just not somewhere tourists went...until recently. Now it is being revitalized and is becoming a "trendy" place to live as well.  I make at least one sojurn there during my time in London.  As most everyone knows the East End had the sh*t bombed out of it during the Second World War, is home to that particular breed of Londoner called the "Cockney", was Jack the Ripper's hunting grounds a century ago and was the domain of the notorious Kray brothers gang in the 50's.

So come along with me and get to know the Brick End/Spitalfields part of the East End (but there is so much more to the East End and I can't wait to explore more of it) ...a place not to be missed!!! 

Hawkmoor's Christ Church, Spitalfields  

Columbia Road flower market - at Christmas!!!

Columbia Road flower market at Christmas
Market in Brick Lane

Graffiti art Brick Lane

Brick Lane

Graffiti art Brick Lane

Spitalfields market

Best bagels in London

Spitalfields market

Brick Lane

Brick Lane - got my Indian spices here!!  Brick Lane has lots of Indian/Pakistani restaurants.  Trouble is they also have a wonderful market filled with great food stalls!!

Flea market along Brick Lane - I love this photo.

Yum - lots of lovely curries. 

More street graffiti - can you tell I love it.

Love the street names!!

Love the colours!

Walkway off Brick Lane - lots of nooks and crannies in London - another little detail I love!

Now that's street art

Momos!!!  And curry!!! This couple were from Tibet and have lived in London for ten years - they were lovely.

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Sad little donkey - there is a petting zoo behind Brick Lane but it was closed that day. I love me some donkeys!

love it!


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