Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hartford by (mostly) foot in ten hours - part 1

Hartford was US capital city #31...after my day of ambling around Albany I got the 3:45 Greyhound bus to Hartford.  Well supposed to be 3:45 but it was 45 minutes late due to waiting for passengers on another bus that was arriving into Albany late. We drove through the beautiful Berkshires which was a treat but sadly the car in front of us hit a deer and I saw it in its death throes.  Very very upsetting for me, the animal lover.   Upon arrival at the bus depot I texted my airbnb host Natacha (originally from Argentina and a professor at a local university) however it was not going through for some reason.  I hopped in a taxi and luckily she was there to greet me.  I was shown to my room - simple but covered the basics and worked for me.  It was like staying in a friend's spare room and for $51 a night much cheaper than a hotel room.  I even got my own space to store toiletries in the bathroom which is a first for my airbnb experiences.  Natacha and her boyfriend Mike were so friendly and helpful.  Their dog Bastian, a hound dog was even friendlier - coming up to greet me every time I came in and  walking behind me between my legs so I was almost riding him! (keep it clean!)   I am laughing just thinking about it.  Sadly I did not get a picture of him nor his "parents" as I was not there much at all. 

So we fast forward to the next morning and it was off for breakfast at the place Natacha had recommended - the oldf fashioned Quaker Diner just around the corner where I had a really good bacon, egg and cheese bunwich. 

All fueled up I then started walking to the start point of the 10km walk - Natacha and Mike had kindly mapped out a route for me to follow to catch up with the route near Elizabeth park.  After about a 40 minute walk I reached the park and sat down by the water and had a rest as it was starting to warm up.   

I walked around Elizabeth Park which was just lovely even if I couldn't find a damn toilet!!!  

The majority of the roses were a bit past their "sell by" date but to this Spring deprived Saskatchewanian they were beautiful!

After leaving the park I came across this board on someone's lawn -"Be Kind" was my contritibution.

Then it was on to the State Capital - there was major construction going on but a friendly cop helped me cross the very busy road to the park in front of the capital building.  And yay, being a Monday the building was open so I was able to go inside and have a snoop around.  I had just missed the tour but that was okay - I prefer to look around on my own sometime with a brochure.  I mean let's face it - they give you all this information which you promptly forget anyway.   However one thing did stay with me from that brochure...more on that in a bit. 

The building was completed in 1878 and was the third state capital building since the American Revolution
Very ornate - without the dome it could be a castle. 

A true heroine - read below.

Fountain on the grounds of Bushnell Park in front of the State Capital. 
What?  I know I walked a lot but how did I end up in Germany?   This is the Soldiers and Sailors memorial (Civil War) which was completed in 1886.  Beautiful!  I am only showing you the top as the bottom was covered with scaffolding.
 Okay time for a break...I wandered back downtown and was quite peckish and in need of a cold drink and air conditioning.  I stopped here....
Yes, a New Orleans style eatery - I am obsessed I know!

Vegetarians look away quickly!!!  Pulled pork, beef brisket, coleslaw, red beans & rice & corn bread.  Oooee!!  Need I add I couldn't finish it. 

Oh boy was it good...

To be continued....

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