A beautiful walk in Canmore

Canmore is a town of about 12,000 people a short ten minute drive away from Banff National Park.  It is nestled in the Rocky Mountains with Kananaskis, a popular area for winter activities and hiking close by.  This town is an alternative to staying in pricey touristy Banff townsite with gorgeous hotels and bed and breakfasts.  Mind you, it is getting more touristy than when I was there last but still not as bad as Banff is.  The day after the CVF convention in Banff we headed out to do the 11 km walk there and spent that night in the Hostel Bear  before heading east on the Trans Canada Highway back home the next day.

We arrived into Canmore in the rain so quickly legged it to a coffee shop for a cup of joe (and some of us greedy ones who may not be named had a cinnamon bun as well..)  Once the shops were open we had a quick look and before long  behold the skies cleared and off we went.   Judi did the 5 km walk while June and I did the 11 km walk.  A lovely couple from Edmonton were doing the 11 km walk as well so we all stayed together - getting a bit...ahem... "misplaced", hailed on and admiring the fantastic views. 

Not a bad way of starting a walk!!!

 I am just going to shut up now and let you walk along these paths with us and drink in this beauty...breathe deeply and smell....the smell was out of this world....but put your rain gear on because we get hailed on!  Volkssporters are NOT wimps! (and only witches melt in the rain)  Never mind, a few minutes and it was over and the sun came out again....

Getting near the end

The four musketeers happy to be back at the start point - the Grizzly Pub 

I tucked into this bad boy with gusto....
What a fantastically beautiful walk.  One of the best!   I would recommend walking with a partner - we didn't encounter any wildlife but it is possible.   Canmore also has another 11 km walk and a shorter 5 km walk.  Go to the CVF website for more information on this walk.  And go to the grizzly pub for a beer and burger after the walk - you won't regret it!!!