Saturday, February 14, 2015

Meandering around Marylebone and Mayfair

When I woke up this morning I had no clear idea of what I was going to do.  I knew I shouldn't walk too far today but I also wanted to get a few errands done. 

After my shower instead of heading down to the kitchen to have breakfast I decided to head out.  I stopped at a deli near Honor Oak station and had a pastry and a white coffee.  (hot milk and coffee). 

A week from Monday I head down to Cornwall from Paddington station and being the worrier I am I wanted to find a route there that would not involve stairs.  My suitcase is a bit of a beastie and I try to avoid stairs at all costs.  I had gone online at the London transport site to find a stair free route... Honor Oak to Canada Water, Canada Water to Baker Street and Baker Street to Paddington.  Yes sounds complicated but it worked out well and at Baker Street I can walk across to my next train.  Perfect.  Now if I can just get my suitcase over that wide chasm between the train and the platform at Honor Oak station... see, told you I was a worrier. 

While I was at Paddington I printed out my tickets for Cornwall and Liverpool to save me time the day I leave.  A mobile telephone company was handing out real rose lapels to all the ladies so that was nice - so I wandered around all day with a red rose on my jacket.   Then I took the tube to Marylebone,.  I was on the hunt for Daunt books on Marylebone High Street.  I didn't have my A to Z with me - thank goodness for a data plan on my phone and google maps.  While wandering down Marylebone Road I saw an Internet café so popped in and printed off some documents including my Turkish visa.  Yes you can now order your visa online and print it off - sounds like a money maker to me.  Sad that I won't have it permanently in my passport... still it was easy and handy when I am not at home to send off a passport as you normally have to do.

Are you asleep yet?  Pictures are now coming... walking down Paddington St I saw Paddington Green which looked so pretty and the flowers were so cheery...

I eventually found Daunt books and was more impressed with the architecture of the place than their book selection... isn't it a beauty? 

This was on a street I don't recall ever being before but then again who knows.... from there I wandered on into Mayfair and noticed Wimpole St so had to walk over to #57...this is where Paul lived with the family of his girlfriend Jane Asher during the early Beatles years.  He and John wrote "I Want to Hold Your Hand" in the basement.  Oh if those walls could talk.  I had been there before of course but it had been years..

Paul stayed at the very top apparently in one of the attic rooms...

Thought this was kind of neat

The post office tower

I kept walking east with the idea of visiting the Welcome collection which is a museum based on the unusual,,, trust me on this.  Once I got there though I used the toilet and thought "nah... won't bother" and off I went towards Kings Cross. 

St Pancras is so beautiful

A book store on a canal boat!
Underground tunnel at Kings Cross - very cool
Granary Square

Barclays bank never looked so good! 

I had never been to Granary Square before and it was a long walk for nothing really but oh well...I then took the tube to Islington.  I picked up some veggies at the Chapel Market and noticed a hair dresser.  Got my hair trimmed for 9 pounds so was happy. 

And that was my day!!! 

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