Happy New Year

Well the Nutcracker was pure magic as well as the Viennese Christmas last night. Really had myself an enjoyable day.

Another cold day here - supposedly the coldest start to winter in Britain for 30 years. And I am not dressed for it. Bought a set of long underwear today - I had some with me but well when you wear them most days you need more than one set!!! It's only about 0C but it's a damp cold and I only have a Goretex jacket and a couple of fleece things. Okay it's not Saskatchewan but at least I had my heavy winter jacket there!!!!

Off to the Thames and fireworks tonight. Our hotel did not have hot water this morning so I could not take a shower. yuck. So hopefully when I go back I can have one - as good as you can get it when it trickles out.

Four more sleeps and I go to my beloved B & B in North London and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Anyway we are taking a pub walk at 7 and then going to the Thames to see the Fireworks and probably won't get back until about 2 a.m. then going to the New Years Parade tomorrow. So a busy time which is why I am heading back to the room with a cup of cappucino in hand and a choccie bar and will relax for a bit. I think I will be putting on most of the contents of my suitcase tonight so will look like the Michelin man!